About Us

The goal of the Foundation is to prepare Polish society for changes in the area of ​sharing childcare leave between a woman and a man.

In April 2019 the EU adopted the work-life balance directive, in which each UE country must implement non-transferable, 2-month parental leave for men.

On 23rd of March President of Poland signed the bill implementing the work-life balance directive in Poland. On 26th of April the new regulation came into force.

Currently only 1% of Polish dads decide to take it.

We aim at 50/50 share as we see this as a great benefit for all stakeholders: children, women, men, but also the state and economy. However, to make men ready to take parental leave, and women to let them do it, we need a number of activities.

And that is why we created the Share the Care Foundation.

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