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Creating a World of Equal Opportunities
Share the Care Foundation advocates for a partnership model of family that enables parents to fulfill themselves in all aspects of life, while providing children with the opportunity to build close bonds with both parents.
We focus on three pillars of action: supporting employers in building a conducive culture in organizations to gender and parental equality; conducting social campaigns to raise awareness and showcase the benefits of partnership; and engaging in advocacy efforts involving the government, local authorities, and non-governmental institutions.
The Foundation actively campaigned for the implementation of the EU work-life balance directive in Poland in April 2023, granting parents individual parental leave rights and 9 weeks of non-transferable leave for each of them. Since the directive’s implementation, the number of fathers taking parental leave has increased five times.
We believe that partnership brings benefits to the entire family. Therefore, through our initiatives, we encourage parents, employers, and the government to incorporate this new social paradigm into their actions.
We promote a partnership model of family that allows parents to fulfill themselves in all aspects of life, giving children the chance to build close relationships with both parents. We emphasize the need to build relationships not only between parents and children but also among parents themselves.
Share the Care foundation is a member of the MEN ENGAGE EUROPE network, COFACE FAMILIES EUROPE, and PPiiNA/PLENT.
Thanks to the financial support of the National Freedom Institute, the foundation was able to pay the membership fee for COFACE.
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